We work with you to bring innovation to life!

Standing still will kill any business. Whatever your size, Eninserv can work with your organisation to assist you in the world of innovation. Our workshops help you bring the hidden gems to the surface. A firm focus on the commercial reality of technologies and services, allow us to guide you to reward. There are no prizes for great design unless there is a viable market for the product.

Innovation by any means

While larger organisations can support an innovation manager role, many others simply do not have the internal resources. Let our team manage your innovation. We offer a retainer service which allows you to gain Innovation management skills, without having to dedicate a valuable team member full time. We have all tried to double job, however we have also experienced the pull of urgency towards the day to day business. Make room for the important with contracted Innovation management.

What we do

Fixed format or bespoke, we are happy to work with you in the way that works for you.

Ideas Workshops

Working with your team to solidify ideas

Your team are generally speaking the ones to spot a good idea for your business. Team members  from different departments or with different skill sets will sometimes view an idea from another angle compared with their colleagues in other departments. We encourage the participation of a mix of mindsets when you workshop your team for a successful future. Our job is to keep you focused on commercial reality as well as helping you to identify the missing links and find the right partners to support your plans. Our vast experience allows us to communicate with a wide range of skilled professionals.

Innovation Management

A retained service to help you grow

Sometimes, it's simply not practical to employ a full time innovation director. On the other hand, assigning the role to a member of the team along with other tasks often leads to a lack of focus. Yet, you know you need to evolve and innovate for your future success. Eninserv provide a retained service, where we work with your team to manage and nurture innovation. Our wide skill set allows us to hit the ground running. Our only focus is your growth.

Engineer meets the World

Great engineers don't guarantee great products

We have had the pleasure to work with some amazing engineers. To be honest, we are mainly engineers ourselves. However we recognise that sometimes the best technical solution is not the best business solution. We work with product engineers to help them turn a great idea into a great product. We introduce them to a customer mindset or equally we help them to think like an investor thinks. We love to play devils advocate, testing ideas with engineers to ensure that they have the best chance of succeeding.

The Innovation & Technology devision of Eninserv work with clients to assist them in ensuring that their business not only keeps up with trends, but sets the trends.

Whether you are developing a new product or updating an existing one.... Eninserv can help.

Every day we hear of new disruptive technologies and disruptive business models. Eninserv Innovation work at the heart of these developments.

Having collaborated across many business sectors for more than 30 years, Eninserv are confident to be able to connect you with that missing link. We can guide you to accessing the appropriate short-term resources or forging long-term partnerships.

Sometimes the best engineers are disconnected from the end user or even the investor. This can be detrimental to the health of your business. Eninserv work with Engineering departments to help find the sweet spot between good engineering and good products.