Are you Preparing for Electric Vehicles
At your managed sites?

Eninserv Limited offer Independent consultancy services for Property Managers
Ensure you are getting high quality and unbiased information

We guide you through the maze of choices, helping you to help your clients
Whether responding to an immediate demand or planning for the future
Eninserv can help you add value & avoid the Pitfalls

Electric Vehicle Services at client sites can add value in rental markets
Assist in employee retention for commercial customers

Rather than a problem, EV charging can pose an opportunity

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Eninserv focus on user needs and the topology of the client site. We combine our knowledge across the entire EV domain to ensure you get the solution that is right for you. Because we don't sell the equipment, we are not swayed by the need to shift product from our shelves, instead we develop a vendor neutral specification that allows you to compare suitable products.

Requirements Assessment

A good starting point is to discuss your needs. We will assess the user profiles and how that fits into your organisational needs.

Site Survey

Eninserv will conduct a survey of your site. We will identify with you, the desired locations while assessing the available power supplies and connection points. We will also assess ground conditions with a view to civil engineering requirements.

ICT Assessment

Based on the requirements assessment we will propose suitable methods of authentication, communication and energy metering  for your needs. This will assessment will consider immediate and expected future requirements.

Road Map

We will propose a road map on how to proceed including both immediate needs and a look to medium term requirements. We can help you to reduce medium term costs with just a little bit of early preparation.

Cost Recovery & Revenue

Whether you are interested in revenue generation or simply cost recovery. We advise on suitable methods to meet your requirements. We advise on the pros and cons of different management methods.

Vendor Neutral Specification

Following the assessment we generate a vendor neutral specification that allows you to request pricing from a range of suppliers. Once a supplier can meet the required items on the specification, their quote is considered valid. This ensures you are comparing like for like products.

Energy Management

Even if not immediately required, energy management is likely to become important as you consider expansion. We discuss the types of energy management and the options to be considered.


When all is said and done, we will provide you with a report outlining the considerations as well as the proposed route forward. Where minimum requirements are suggested, we justify our reason for these features.


To arrange a consultation, send us a message.