We work with clients on all their energy topics

Get a grip on your energy usage. Whether you want to go lean or go green, we can help you achieve your goals. Our team specify and manage energy optimisation projects as well as renewable energy integration. We understand the technical limitations and can perform cost benefit analysis on your project.

Outsource your energy management

When you need to keep a focus on the day to day workings of your business, Eninserv can assist you by providing retained energy management support. Combining technical knowhow with a commercial understanding, our team can help you see real benefits.

What we do

With 20 years experience in the energy sector, we can help you reduce energy consumption and clean up your energy usage profile.

Reducing Energy Costs

Lower usage / lower cost

Whether identifying the low hanging fruit or the more investment intensive solution, we can work with you to achieve real energy wins. Our team understand the practicalities of both retrofit and green field projects, allowing you to avoid the inefficiencies that erode project value. Our team have extensive experienced in control and automation.

Optimising Consumption

The How, When and Why of energy usage

Our experience of energy monitoring and automation can assist you to better understand your energy usage and subsequently optimise how you use energy. We differentiate between essential and non-essential loads, removing the risk behind energy optimisation.

Generation & Storage

Going Green starts within

Eninserv can help you decide what energy sources best match your organisation. Our knowledge of energy storage can also help you match the usage of energy with the energy generated on site. We believe that to achieve the maximum benefit of renewable generation on your site, you need to use as much of the energy generated before it leaves your premises.

Eninserv is ideally placed to guide you through the maze of energy related topics.

Whether you are a small/ medium sized business, looking to optimise your energy consumption or a larger energy consumer wishing to enter the energy trading arena, we can help.

With in-depth experience of energy control as well as the evolving arena of energy services, we can help you plan and implement energy policy to maximise benefits while reducing energy costs.

Our Services include:

Energy Strategy

Energy Savings

'Smart' Services